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Human Resources

Cloud Accounting

ONE-ERP Accounting software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, payroll, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet. It functions as an accounting information system.

Cloud Billing

Efficiency & optimize your uptime with the easy-to-use cloud-based billing system, Create, send and check one-click payment status, and auto-complete scheduled recurring invoices from SKYBIZ Cloud Billing

Cloud Point of Sales

A lightweight, customizable enterprise-level point-of-sale software that was specifically designed to replace the legacy systems with a new system built for the digital age and beyond.

Human Resources

ONE-ERP provides a comprehensive Human Resources system including payroll.

Cloud Base & Accessible anyplace, anytime

Easily access your ONE-ERP Cloud account, manage your business, and access anytime, anywhere on your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Modern, Multi-Screen & Mobile responsive user Interface

We provide better accessibility and optimal viewing experience to the user by optimizing it for different devices

Multi User Access

Your staff, accountants, bookkeepers, sales personnel can manage your records from anywhere, anytime making it easy to work together and reduce your workload.

Security standards employed by us - and what you can do to stay safe online

In order to further enhanced a secure, safe and confidential environment, our system upgraded Username and Password control, to prevent unauthorised access to our online cloud services:

  • Every customer is required to select a username and password, which provides access to their own cloud information.
  • The password must meet new ONE-ERP Password Guidelines.
  • Change your password frequently, system will auto alert user to change their password.
  • We deploy 128-bit SSL encryption security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers.

Designed for small businesses, medium and large organisations

Suitable for SME business, start up, e-commerce, manufacturing, trading. ready integration and plugin that can caters on what you need. Able to customize to fit your needs

Automatic Software Updates & Database Backup

User having peace of mind of using the system as the software having automatic software latest updates as and when available and daily database backup at no extra cost , So you never worry about losing your data again.